Dental Care

We all know as responsible pet owners that we should feed our pets, keep them clean and give them their monthly flea and heartworm preventatives. Brushing their teeth or examining their mouths for decay is not something that commonly crosses our minds. Harmful bacteria from old food and bones can build up in our pet’s mouths and possibly enter the bloodstream through small cuts in the mouth. This infection can lead to serious health issues including sepsis. The doctors and staff at Mandeville Animal Health Clinic are well versed in all dental procedures. They will start with a physical examination to see if there is any visible decay or abscess. They will also check for gum disease as well as any throat and tongue issues. Your pet can receive a full teeth and gum cleaning as well as any teeth extractions while in our office. Our staff will advise you on keeping your pet’s mouth clean through regular brushings and chewy treats that target dental health.

Some signs to look for in your pet’s behavior in the case of dental issues include loss of appetite, noticeable gentle chewing and in extreme cases, whimpering or whining while eating. If you notice any of these signs please call Mandeville Animal Hospital for a consultation.