If you notice your furry companion excessively scratch, lick or bite themselves then it is time to visit Mandeville Animal Hospital for a consultation. Our pets can suffer from dermatitis, allergies and skin infections. You should bring your pet in if you notice any of the following: Alopecia (loss of fur), skin redness, scaly skin, and recurrent infections of the skin. Our staff is able to take skin scrapings and examine them under the microscope as well as biopsy any areas of concern. Topical medicines and corticosteroids are just a few of the treatments available to help your pet recover from a skin condition.

Some skin conditions are the results of food allergies. If this is the case with your pet, Mandeville Animal Hospital offers hypoallergenic foods and treats within its clinic for purchase. You should notice a change within a few weeks in your pets cleaning habits and fur condition. If your pet suffers from flea allergies we offer medicated baths and and flea prevention to keep your pet flea-free.