Digital Imaging

One of the most helpful tools that the Drs Brian have at Mandeville Animal Hospital is the use of x-ray and ultrasound technology. X-ray technology has been used for decades in human medicine and has had a very successful cross-over to veterinary medicine. X-ray can help the doctor look for internal injuries, enlarged organs, broken bones and locations of foreign objects. Our pets cannot communicate to us where they hurt so x-ray is a great tool to have at our disposal.

Mandeville Animal Hospital is pleased to not only offer x-ray technology, but digital x-ray technology. By having a digital system in our clinic our doctors are able to not only view the full x-ray, but zoom in on problem areas for more examination. If a specialist is required, we are able to email the x-ray for further review on their part. The quality and quickness of this type of x-ray is unparalleled.

In order to offer our clients the best diagnosis possible Mandeville Animal Hospital offers ultrasound in addition to our other testing. Ultrasound is a very useful tool when trying to identify an issue on a short timeline. It is used by the doctor to examine organ texture and size, bleeds, heart function and of course, identifying the number of babies a mother is carrying. By having x-ray and ultrasound work together, your pet should receive a quick diagnosis by our staff.