Across the country, microchipping is becoming more and more prevalent throughout the veterinary community. A microchip is like a computer chip with personal information of not only the pet and the pet’s owner but also the information of the veterinary clinic that placed the chip on it. If your pet becomes lost or separated from you, hopefully a Good Samaritan will bring your fur-baby to the nearest shelter or veterinary hospital. At the facility the staff will scan over your pet’s skin to locate the microchip and if it is present, all information will be displayed to the staff. Your reunion with your pet should take place shortly thereafter! Is having a microchip placed painful for your pet you may ask? Not at all. A microchip is the size of a grain of rice and is placed painlessly under your pets skin where it will stay. If you are interested in having this wonderful device placed in your pet please contact Mandeville Animal Hospital for more information.