Nutritional Counseling

Many families consider their pets to be a part of the family and tend to “spoil” them with toys, treats and food. Our animals LOVE this! However, feeding our animals human food is not a great idea for several reasons. It is important to remember that our pets do not possess the same digestive system as humans do, therefore some foods pose a problem for our fur-babies. Chocolate, grapes, cooked bones, fatty meats and some fruits can make our pets ill. Another harmful side effect of feeding our pets the same foods as us is obesity. Five extra pounds on a normal sized person is not a big deal, but five extra pounds on a chihuahua is a bad idea!

Mandeville Animal Hospital will work with you and your animal companions to keep them healthy and fit so that your time together is not only extended but also increased in quality. Drs Brian will show you appropriate foods and portion size for your pet as well as encourage an exercise routine to keep your pet active.

If your pet suffers from particular food allergies, Mandeville Animal Hospital carries a wide range of hypoallergenic foods and treats to not only clear up skin issues but keep your pet from suffering from unnecessary skin conditions.