Wellness Programs

Just like people, your pet’s medical needs change as they grow and Mandeville Animal Hospital has wellness packages for each stage of their life. When your pet is in the early stages of their lives, our doctors have a plan that includes all of our required vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and heartworm prevention for both dogs and cats. As your furry friend begins to age, our veterinarians will work to maintain their health through complete physical exams, blood work which includes complete blood counts and blood chemistries, as well as dental care. When your pet reaches the age of seven (7), they are considered “senior” animals and our doctors have a plan for them as well. On average, most pets age seven (7) years for each calendar year therefore our veterinarians recommend appointments every six months for physical exams that begin to look for age-specific issues ranging from osteoarthritis to certain types of cancers. Blood work is even more important as a dog or cat ages to look for early onset of disease.

One of the most important things to remember regarding wellness programs is that preventative medicine is always less expensive and more effective than treatment of a disease. Our compassionate doctors have years of experience in caring for animals regardless of their life stage. Call Mandeville Animal Hospital and allow our care and experience work for your pet.